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  1. Pediatric Dentistry
    Pediatric dentistry is one of the nine recognized dental specialties of the American Dental Association. Pediatric dentists complete two to three years of additional specialized training (after the required four years of dental school) to prepare them for treating a wide variety of children's dental problems. They are also trained and qualified to care for patients with medical, physical or mental disabilities.
  2. Regular Checkup
    The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends having your child's teeth cleaned twice a year. Preventive dental exams, teeth cleaning, and topical fluoride treatment are important tools used to maintain good dental health. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children be seen for their first dental exam by their first birthday. Dr. Bui will complete a full dental examination and familiarize your child with our staff and office.
  3. Accept most Insurance Plans, CHIPS, and Medicaid
    1. DentaQuest - TX HHSC Dental Program 2. MCNA - TX Medicaid We are happy to announce that we are currently a provider for all these above Medicaid programs. Please select Dr. Tina H. Bui, board certified pediatric dentist, as the primary care provider for your kid(s). We are currently accepting new patients.
Our Mission
  1. Welcome to ABChildren's Dentistry
    We believe that the manner in which we introduce our patients to dentistry will have a profound effect on their developing good lifelong dental habits. Our primary goal is to help your child learn how to keep their teeth healthy and beautiful for life. We are dedicated to provide the highest quality of dental care in the most gentle, efficient and professional manner possible.
  2. Let the Smile Begins!
    Let our expertise and training provide the best possible care for your child and make each visit a pleasant and rewarding experience. Thank you for your interest in our services and for placing your trust in us.
  3. Mouthguard - Night Guard
    When a child begins to participate in recreational activities and organized sports, traumatic injuries to the teeth may occur. A properly fitted mouth guard is an important part of athletic gear. The mouth guard can act as a cushion to protect the teeth from injury. If your child is young and losing teeth, his/her mouth will be continually changing and mouth guards may need to be changed more often. Therefore, you may purchase an over the counter mouth guard from stores such as Wal-Mart or Target. Once your child has a full permanent dentition, you may choose to have a mouth guard professionally made in our office. Parents are often concerned about a child who grinds their teeth during sleep. This type of grinding is referred to as bruxism. The majority of cases of pediatric bruxism do not need to be treated dentally. However, if excessive wearing of the teeth is present, then a mouth guard may be indicated. Dr. Bui will be happy to discuss your concerns regarding bruxism.
  4. Thumb Sucking Habit
    Sucking is a natural reflex and provides a sense of security for many children. However, school aged children that suck their thumb or finger may find that their habit causes social distress. School aged children that want to stop their sucking habit may find a thumb appliance to be helpful. Thumb appliance therapy requires one appointment to take the impression and one appointment to actually place the appliance in the mouth.
  1. Patient Parent's Feedback
    "Everyone is super nice and really care about their patients, our daughters. Thank you!" "Very nice staff and no long waiting and love the 3 month reservation appt. that was scheduled! Dentist is sweet and very nice!"
  2. Amazing Staff
    Great staff! Always pleasant and smiling. A friend recommended Dr Bui almost 5yrs ago. We love the professionalism, cleanliness of office and promptness of appointment. No waiting. I would recommend to anyone who has a busy schedule and yearns for "old family values" where you are known by your name..and not another patient.
  3. Exceeded Expectations
    I had avoided taking my five-year-old son to the dentist because he has autism. The dental staff was not only kind but very professional and my son did amazing. Every parent with a special needs child should bring their child here.
  4. High Quality Pediatric Dentistry Care
    I have going here for a couple of years and have to state I am impressed with the quality of service each visit. Staff is very patient and kind with my children. Parenting education is always available and most important my children look forward to their visits.
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